Missing 12-year-old Detroit boy’s father told son found alive in family’s basement during live interview

The 12-year-old Detroit boy last seen about a week and a half ago has been found alive Wednesday in his father’s basement, police said.

Charlie Bothuell IV, the boy’s father, learned about the discovery while he was a guest on Nancy Grace’s show. She delivered the news, and there was silence. Bothuell tries to collect himself and says, “What?” He could be seen clenching his chest and breathing heavy.

“Did you check your basement?” Grace asked.

“I checked my basement, the FBI checked my basement, the Detroit police checked my basement, my wife checked my basement,” he said, still appearing to try to regain his composure.

Police Chief James Craig said his 12-year-old son, Charlie Bothuell V, was located by police who were serving a search warrant at the apartment complex. It was the fourth time officers were inside the home, and Craig told reporters police are “not certain Charlie was here during those visits.”

When police found the boy, he was behind some boxes and a large plastic drum. Bedding also was found nearby. The boy will be medically evaluated.

“He was nervous, but excited,” Craig said. “He indicated he was hungry. He appeared fine.”

The boy’s dad says he had no idea his son was in the basement. He says he feared his son was dead and desperately wants to see him.

The elder Bothuell was swarmed by reporters outside the house when he arrived home Wednesday evening.

“I thought my son was dead,” he said as he broke down in tears and hugged a reporter.

Craig told reporters earlier Wednesday that the boy’s father had taken a polygraph test about his son’s disappearance, but the boy’s stepmother declined to do so.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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