Indian minister testifies in investigation of wife’s ‘sudden and unnatural’ death

Indian government minister Shashi Tharoor testified Sunday before a magistrate investigating the death of his wife days after she accused him of adultery over Twitter.

According to Reuters, Tharoor’s wife was found dead in a hotel room in New Delhi after sending tweets that suggested her husband was having an affair with a Pakistan-based journalist.

An autopsy found that Sunanda Pushkar’s death was “sudden and unnatural” and that there were injury marks on her body, the report said. Doctors said this did not mean the injuries had caused her death. 

Tharoor, 57, called for a quick probe into the death, saying he hoped it would put an end to rumors about their personal lives.

“I have finally had a chance to catch up with media reports and am horrified to read the reckless speculation rampant there,” Tharoor, a junior human resource development minister, wrote in a letter to Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, according to Reuters. 

The story surfaced last week, when Pushkar said she had gone into Tharoor’s Twitter account and posted what she said were intimate messages from  journalist Mehr Tarar to expose a “rip-roaring affair.”

Tarar has denied the affair. She said she was friends with Tharoor and had just exchanged comments about articles she had written, Reuters reported. 

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