The Ultimate False Flag

How the U.S. Government is about to Pull off the Biggest Fraud since the Election of Barack Obama

by: John Glover a United States Marine Corps combat veteran. He is a member of the Tea Party and a strict Constitutionalist. Above all, John Glover serves his Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ.


Think of the worst false flag imaginable.  I’ll give you some time.  Paint the image in your mind with as much detail as possible.  You could also make a checklist and concentrate on all of the details that would make for compelling television reporting.  Civil unrest?  Check.  Multitude of enraged people?  Check.  Riot police?  Check.  Allegedly strange-acting individuals?  Check.  Guns?  Check.  Valued target that’s going to make half of the population go ape-shit?  Check.  If you think things are not so dire, I’d like to sell you a beachfront time-share just outside of Bismarck, North Dakota.  But hey, it’s your imagined false flag, so you can be as elaborate and creative as you want, or not.

The “controversy” du jour acting as a side-show distraction is the so-called outrage over the Washington Redskins name.  You’d think the liberal media would have more staff working on a better “manufactured” crisis than this simulacrum of a smoke-screen.  If this is the best thing they can come up with to cover up for the disaster the unveiling of the Obamacare online exchanges (or the fact that the debt-ceiling debate has yielded nothing of usefulness), they should fire their entire staff and hire new goons to operate the Wizard of Oz like stage they’ve created.  On October 17th, the United States of America WILL default on its obligations.  If you want me to add “for the first time” to that sentence, you’ll have to show me some serious historical evidence to compel me.  The truth is the United States of America defaulted on its obligations $17 trillion dollars ago.  All the government is doing is robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Raising the debt-ceiling doesn’t bring down the debt—it actually creates more because you are borrowing to pay on what you’ve borrowed.  But I am not here to enlighten you with my Nobel Prize deserving knowledge in economics… I’m here to tell you that before THIS YEAR IS OVER, the DOLLAR (the official currency of the United States of America) will lose its place as the WORLD’S RESERVE CURRENCY.

If you do not know what it means to be the World’s Reserve Currency it’s a pretty big deal if you are one of the few Super Powers left.  Every single transaction for crude oil HAS TO BE DONE in U.S. dollars, not to mention GOLD purchases or even SILVER, and just about every single commodity that means anything to industrialized countries has to be done in U.S. dollars.  Now, imagine what losing the spot for World’s Reserve Currency would do to the United States economy.  Again, take your time and imagine a society that is so pampered and in comfort all of a sudden having its collective carpet pulled from under its feet.  Get the picture?  Good.  Let’s continue, then.

A false flag of immense magnitude is about the ONLY thing the U.S. government can do at this point to “save face” and display any sign of reassuring credibility (at least to the “sheeple”).  The thunderous collapse of this faltering economy has already been predicted by just about every single world economist worth his weight in jelly beans.  Yet, I am sure the government wouldn’t want that on its “pristine” record; a sign of such incompetency would mean the demise of its stronghold of power, and I am sure the off-shore bankers, shakers and movers and NWO elitists wouldn’t want that to happen now, would they?  Unless they’re the ones behind this collective mess to begin with, and are willing to ship off the title of “tough kid on the block” to Russia, China, or (I know, try hard not to laugh) India.  The Elitists who control the “bells and whistles” of this “Wizard of Oz-like” stage have done it before, and no doubt are poised to do it again.  Money means absolutely nothing to them because, after all, they are the ones who set the rules of the money game, and would be quick to change the rules whenever they see it fit their purposes.

So go ahead, Johnny.  Put yourself to bed with visions of the worst case-scenario, the biggest most extravagant false flag imaginable is about to be brought down upon the face of the American people.  I wish I could give you a rating system to rate your false flag scenario, but I am afraid that rating system is controlled by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, so for now all I can tell you as a “rating” is that we’re fucked no matter what.