State of our Union – LOL


State of our Union – LOL

  • When was the last time we had a balanced budget? 2001. Simple economics says Income – Expenses = balance/debt/surplus.
  • The continuing resolution means that there is no budget in place. The definition of Congress = both the House of Representatives and the Senate and their approval rating is 8%.
  • Over the past five years only the House has given us a budget. The Senate and Obama refuse to put a budget in place and to vote on the House budget.
  • Back to point one. A $750 billion deficit means that Senator Reid and President Obama are spending (expenses) more than they take through taxes (income).
  • With interest rates so low the US can easily service its debt. Don’t believe the Lies that we will default. The only way we default this year is if Obama and Reid decided to not pay the interest (about $80 billion) on our debt.


  1. What can we Americans do? We need to encourage the Political Class, both Democrats & Republicans and whatever President Obama is, to not only put into place a plan for a balanced budget, but to show us when we will have a surpluses again. Once we know the surplus year we can plan to start paying off our debt.
  2. Yes there will be some pain. It is Obama and Reid that decide if that is felt by the penguin cam, our Veterans, national parks or studies on bathroom usage by elementary students.
  3. I encourage my friends and family to stand up and tell Senator Reid and President Obama to quit pointing their fingers at us for the decisions they are making.


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