10 Different Methods To Make Money Online

by Pahul Singh

Web marketing is one of the biggest source of making money. Weather you are earning online as profession or as part time work. Internet is best way but its not so much easy to survive online Because their are too many ways to make money online but difficult part is, which we have to choose and which is easy to understand and having better earning also.

But Today i decided to discuss about the different online methods. I  already discuss about ways to make money from ads. But these are combine 12 ways for everyone who having less knowledge about web designs or other technical skills.

  Cost Per Click ( CPC )

This method is based on earning from click on ads published on your site, web pages, forum or any apps. I have already discuss about cpc in my article about ads. If you want to learn more in details about cpc must read my article about ways to make money from ads.

The following best cost per click networks which offers best rates for every click are 

  1. Google Adsense:-  It one of biggest and popular trusted network by everyone. Google Adsense Offers Highest CPC and CPM rates. But its earning is totally depend on your visitors location and CTR also. It not so easy to get approval of adsense.
  2. Media.net:- This is new network form by partnership of yahoo and bing with media.net. It is good competitor of adsense. It offers good CPC rates as compare to others.
  3. Chitika:- It is also most popular network for CPC. It also offers best revenue from ads but slightly lesser than Adsense
  4. Infolinks:- It is one the best program for text based ads. It offers good revenue for In-text link ads and for other banner ads also.
  5. Bidvertiser:- It is also relative good as compare to others but its is lesser as compare to above programs. But Still it is best one.

  Cost Per Mile ( CPM )

This method is based on earning from every impression made on ads published on your website or blogs. For every 1000 unique impression you will earn money. But difficult task is to choose best network which offers best rates. It is also known as CPM method.
Some best CPM networks are

  1. Tribalfusion
  2. BrustMedia
  3. BuysellAds
  4. Valueclickmedia
  5. VibrantMedia
  6. Adpepper
  7. Cpxinteractive
  8. MadadsMedia

Sell Affiliates Products

Affiliates marketing is commission based program. Means  for every successful sale made buy you. Then you will earn commission. In my recent article i discuss about Bigrock affiliates program which offers commission for every sale of domains and hosting plans. If you want to learn more about affiliates then i suggest you read in  more detail about affiliates program. 
Here are following Best affiliates which offers good commission

  1. Google Affiliates
  2. ClickBank
  3. Commission Junction
  4. E-junkie
  5. Amazon Affiliates
  6. eBay Affiliates
  7. DigiResult 
  8. FreeLancer


  Cost Per Action ( CPA )

In this method you will earn money for every successful action done by user which required on that spot. It is just like an affiliates but in this network if their ads about filling any details or subscribing email service or any other . If someone fill details required by ads then you will earn for every successful action.

  1. ClickBooth
  2. Peerfly
  3. CPAWay
  4. MaxBounty
  5. CPALead
  6. NeverBlue
  7. Mgcash

 Earn From Uploading

Their are many programs which based on download program. But in last few years their are many report about increasing spam in these types of programs. It means for every successful download of your file will get earn. some programs are on premium based but some offers free service.

Some trusted download networks are

  1. ShareCash.org
  2. CashFile.org
  3. Uploadables


Write For Other Sites

If you are interested in writing online then this is best to make money . If have knowledge about any specific topic or field. Then the best way is to write articles for other services or you can also hire yourself to write for other blogs who want any author for their blogs.

Below Given are Some networks which gave you money to write for them
  1. PayPerPost
  2. Social Spark 
  3. Sponsored Review
  4. RevewMe
  5. Payu2Blog 

  Complete Online Surveys

This is one of the effective and easiest way for everyone who want to make money online because it don’t required any web knowledge or technical skills.  In this network you have to fill the accurate information for every question ask on survey. This is best way to make side earning for working  2,3 hours on internet.
Some Best survey programs are

  1. MySurvey
  2. Dollersurvey
  3. SurveyMonkey
  4. SurveySpot
  5. Myview
  6. ClearvoiceSurvey
  7. Toluna
  8. GlobalTestMarket

  Online Projects / Freelance

It is freelancer job means like data entry jobs. Their are many programs in which you can apply your application or as per rule. Then you have to complete specific project and task. For every successful completing project you will get earn. Their are many programs which are based on freelancer services.
Some Networks which are based on freelancing are below 

  1. Microworkers
  2. Elance 
  3. Fiverr
  4. Odesk
  5. BreakStudio
  6. ConstantContent


Selling Products which you own

It is also an effective to way to make money online if you have any product and service which you feel that peoples likes to buy. You can also put your product on online auction which is best idea to earn more. You can also design any product which you own. you can also sell some services or plans online to get earn.

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Quikr
  4. OLX
  5. Sell.com
  6. Gazelle.com


Selling Products which you don’t own

It just like an affiliates marketing selling any product which you don’t owns but you can sell them of any direct advertiser or by using any network. You can also sell spaces on your website or blog for displaying ads of any product. Which help to earn money for every product sale.

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. ebay
  3. Shirtcity
  4. CafePress

Above Mentions are 10 different ways to start working online. I try to cover more topics as much as possibles. I hope all the above methods are clear and helpful for everyone to make bright future online you have to do work hark. Their are many other networks related to above categories but i publish those which i feel simplest and best.

If you find this article helpful then please don’t forget to share it with others also. If you feel anything missing, wrong or find any doubt feel free to share your view in below comment box.